If you’ve had a good look around my website, you will have noticed that I like to use a lot of black and white….The timeless feel and immediacy of black and white has always appealed to me and suits my reportage style. Back in the late 90s when doing a BA in Photography in Exeter, I would spend hours in the darkroom experimenting with black and white images, usually of people. Playing with double exposures, shooting films at higher speeds to get more grain and working out my style and what I personally look to create a strong emotive image.

When I photograph a wedding I’m not thinking in either colour or black and white while shooting, I shoot to capture the moment, making sure I’m in the right spot at the right time. So its more when I am editing the images after the wedding that certain shots leap out at me. Often its the high contrast images, the shadows or lowlight frames that work much better Mono chrome. I love my images to have a punchy nostalgic feel so you could look at one of my images and not know whether its 30 years old or a week old…if you ignore the iPhone of Course!

When I deliver a set of wedding images to a couple unless they’ve asked otherwise its usually a 75% colour to 25% black and white ratio. I am always happy to shoot a roll of film or two as well if you fancy some proper 35mmm prints too.