Some couples may feel a little apprehensive at the thought of ‘the couple’ shoot on their wedding day-I know was on my own wedding day- As a photographer its one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph as I get to little bit of time and space with the couple and create some great images- For you guys it’s a lovely opportunity to get away from the guests for 20 minutes and have a bit of breathing space- And actually look at the person you’ve just married.

If the schedule of the day and weather allows then I’ll often suggest nipping out for five minutes after dinner too,  just before first dance for a bonus couple of pictures- by this time of the day everyone usually feeling pretty relaxed and it’s a really nice chance to get a few extra shots in, what is often, the the best light of the day

Here’s the whole of a bridal shoot from a beautiful wedding I shot last year- -Thanks Lilly and Josh for the 12 minutes it took for this shoot- see more from this wedding here on the whimsical wonderland weddings blog